Three-strike policy approved by TVL


A new spectator policy was passed at the Twin Valley League board meeting last Thursday. The policy includes a three-strike rule for spectators who get kicked out of games for bad behavior.

First offense – If a spectator is removed from a game, they have to complete a sportsmanship class offered by NFHS and give the certificate of completion to the building administrator before they are able to attend another game.

Second offense – If a spectator is removed from a game a second time, the class will need to be completed again and that spectator will be suspended from the next game.

Third offense – If a spectator is removed a third time, they are suspended for the remainder of the season.

“We need to make sure we are supportive of our teams and not demeaning to the officials,” said TVL board president Dean Dalinghaus. “As more officials retire and new ones start up, they tend not to stay with it and they cite fan behavior as a major reason for not staying with it. So please remember everyone is human and especially young officials need our support.”