Players named to 8-man all-star teams


Several local seniors were named to the 8-Man Division 1 and 2 All-Star Football teams.

Drew Buhrman, Washington County, and Jarik Weiche and Aiden Rudolph, Clifton-Clyde, were named to the Division 1 East team. Douglas Koch, Clifton-Clyde, made the nominations list.

Jacob Jueneman, Colin Jueneman and Jacob Klipp, Hanover, were named to the Division 2 East team and Blake Hynek was named as a reserve.

Other members of the allstar teams are as follows:

8-Man Division 1 East

Tryston Young, Bennington; Garrett Robison, Burlingame; Austin Tyson, Burlingame; Connor Koehn, Canton Galva; Keaton Littrell, Canton Galva; Owen Eidman, Chase County; Trint Rogers, Chase County; Tyler Good, Lincoln; Jayden Garrison, Little River; Graham Stephens, Little River; Hunter Engle, Madison; Isaac Miser, Madison; Ryan Wolgram, Madison; Mayson Mills, Oswego; Isac Elkins, Oswego; Eli Campbell, Sedan; Cade Norris, Valley Falls.

8-man Division 1 West

Kayde Rietzke, Wichita County; AC Hermosillo, Wichita County; Harlan Obioha, Hoxie; Lucas Webster, La Crosse; Tanner Miller, Spearville; Jayce Hamel, Hill City; Manny Chaves, Wichita County; Gavon Uehlin, Decatur County; Noah Phillips, Argonia-Attica; Cleven Huggins, Macksville; Isaac Salmans, Hodgeman County; Cyrus Green, Atwood; Aaron Skidmore, South Gray; Trace Tasset, Spearville; Brody McDowell, Hill City; Edwin Rodruquez, Ness City; Ethan Salmans, South Gray; Blake Goodman, Argonia-Attica; Matt Delaney, Ness City; Caden White, Hoxie.

8-man Division 2 East

Gavin Cornelison, Frankfort; Aiden Gerstner, Frankfort; Konnor Murphy, Wakefield; Jeroma Ferguson, Lebo; Andrew Bailey, Lebo; Mitchell Buessing, Axtell; George Volle, Axtell; Wilson Smith, St. Paul; Zack Skillman, Waverly, Andy Andrews, Hartford; Ethan Benne, Pike Valley; Brennan Flavin, Pike Valley; Lance Kaser, Osborne; Kael McQueen, Wetmore; Wyatt Eberle, Lakeside; Brayden Perez, St. John’s-Tipton; Blake Perez, St. John’s-Tipton.

8-man Division 2 West

Colton McCarthy, Cheylin; Cooper Wolf, South Haven; Jonny Robles, South Central; Cale Lindsay, South Central; Shadryon Blanka, St. Francis; Adam Krien, St. Francis; Jess Baxter, St. Francis; Ian Sparks, Logan/Palco; Ryan Hause, Triplains/Brewster; Trevor Zarybnicky, Wheatland/Grinnell; Jayvon Pruitt, Victoria; Trenton Engel, Victoria; Emilio Perez, South Barber; Jude Stow, Caldwell; Trey Strnad, Caldwell; Kleyton Schreiber, Stafford; Cooper Weinhold, Wilson; Tra Barrientes, Sylvan Lucas; Tyler Holmes, Central Plains; William Laymon, Central Plains.