Arrest may be connected with local burglaries


Washington County Sheriff Justin Cordry said he expects charges to be filed against a Leonardville man in connection with the many burglaries that have happened around Washington County the past few months.

Cordry said that he is limited in the information that he can share, but his department is waiting “on just a bit more information to come in” before filing charges on Philip Rose, of Leonardville.

According to The Belleville Telescope, Philip T. Rose, of Leonardville, has been charged in Republic County with felony burglary, felony criminal damage to property, and felony theft of items valued at $6,053.48 from an incident on Jan. 18 at the Republic County Highway Department. He is being held in Republic County Jail.

Republic County attorney Justin Ferrell said Rose may also face charges in Marion and Cloud counties.

“This is ... a guy that is very likely to be tied into burglaries in ours and other area counties,” Cordry said. “We’re all in correspondence with each other and sharing information, which is bolstering all of our cases.”

“At this time we feel very confident in what we have so far and where the rest of the information is going to take us in terms of getting arrest warrants for those responsible for our break-ins.”

In the past few months there have been several burglaries in Washington County including at Palmer Grain, Jack’s Food Market in Linn, Crome Lumber in Washington, Palmer Lumber, and the Washington County Transfer Station/dump, among others. Cordry said power tools have been a common item stolen in the burglaries. Rifles and handguns were stolen from Jack’s Food Market.

Cordry has previously said that he thought many of the burglaries were likely related.