Single day snowfall record hit on Jan. 26


The snow storm that hit Washington County in late-January brought significant snow amounts to some parts of the county. An area seven miles northeast of Washington recorded 13.5 inches of snow between Jan. 24-27 while the city of Washington recorded 10 inches. A few other locations in the county reported only 2-3 inches of snow during the same storm.

Mary Knapp with the Weather Data Library based at K-State said no all-time records were broken during the snowfall, although two cities broke the daily record for snowfall totals on Jan. 26.

Washington set a new Jan. 26 record for snowfall with 7.99 inches. The previous record was set Jan. 26, 2004, with 4.02 inches.

Haddam also set a new Jan. 26 record with 6.5 inches. The previous record of 2.99 inches was set on Jan. 26, 1996.

Other snow totals from this year’s Jan. 24-27 snow storm as reported to the Weather Data Library by local weather officials included Clifton with 3 inches, Palmer with 6.4 inches, 3.7 miles east northeast of Greenleaf with 3.4 inches, 4.8 miles south southwest of Morrowville with 2 inches, and 6.9 miles southeast of Palmer with 3.3 inches.

Knapp said the weather outlook for February favors cool, wet conditions; the spring outlook was scheduled to be released this week.