Board minutes from around the county


Clifton City Council

The Clifton City Council met Dec. 28. Present were G. Woodbury, J. Lange, G. Pruser and A. LeClair. Absent was K-Steinbrock. Also present were employees D. Detrixhe (on the phone), G. Bouley, A. Rogge, and guests Matthew Jorgenson and Milton Leiszler.

EMS director - A Sanotech — e-mist machine has been ordered to better disinfect the ambulance. The Clifton EMTs have been notified about the Covid — 19 vaccine. More information will be available soon.

Westview — Currently there are 12 residents. New signs have been put up to gain attention to open apartments. There are 2 applications open now.

Beautification Committee — The blessing box is put up at First United Pres. Church. Please use as needed. The committee will be judging the Christmas lights soon.

PWO — There are 2 projects in Vining that are being prepared and several projects that will be completed when there is nice weather. Letters will be sent out to residents regarding tree trimming in the near future as street sealing will take place in early summer.

Clerk — Water and trash will both go up $1 Jan. 1 as was voted on previously in the year. There are 87 e-meters installed and have alerted several small leaks for customers, which has been greatly beneficial.

New business:

Clifton City Christmas Party — It was discussed why the city does not currently have a Christmas Party and when the tradition had stopped. Council voted to have a Clifton City Christmas party for staff and council in Jan. at Tailgaters.

The council met Nov. 30. Present were Mayor John Tillinghast, council members K. Steinbrock, G. Woodbury, J. Lange, G. Pruser, A. LeClair, employees D. Detrixhe, G. Bouley, A. Rogge, S. Fischer (EMT director), and guests Matthew Jorgenson, Donna Kisby and Milton Leiszler.

Public comment - Donna inquired about the status of the bows that were on the Christmas decorations and if new bows could be purchased and put up. The Beautification Committee will work with Donna on getting bows for this year and getting them up.

Bid opening for North ½ 507 Arcadia: Bids were opened; no action was taken.

EMS director — The EMS is stocked on PPE as of now. Will O. and Scott are both interested in taking the AEMT course. Scott will look into upcoming courses. There will be an EMT training course in Clifton in the beginning of 2021. More information will be sent out to residents when it gets closer for anyone in-terested contact Scott. All of the EMT/RN’s have turned in their information to be recertified for the next 2 years.

Westview — Currently there are 12 residents. There has been painting and ceiling work done in an apartment.

Beautification Committee — The blessing box is put up at First United Pres. Church. Christmas on Parallel has been cancelled for this year due to Covid-19.

PWO — Gary and Adam are working with KRWA on a Source Water Protection Plan for the water tower property. There have been 3 water leaks in the past month. All have been resolved. Adam asked the council if there were any issues with him moving to the farm apprx. 6 miles out of Clifton. No issues were had with Adam living out of city limits.

Clerk — The sign for the burn site is in and stabilizers are being made for it to be put up. There are 73 e-meters installed and working. Shirl’s Toy Museum will not be conducting the Christmas Light Contest this year. The Beautification Committee will handle it in 2020. The Clifton Aux. will being having a drive-thru candy pick up Dec. 2. City Hall will continue to be closed to the public until further notice.

New business:

2021 CMB License - T’s Grocery, American Legion Post #227 and Kisby’s Pit Stop.

Year — end employee wage/bonus review - Council went into executive session for 10 minutes. Council voted to accept the wage and bonus discussed in executive session. Bonus — Gary B. $100 — Adam R. $100 — Danielle D. $loo Joy W. - $5o — Pat B. - $5o. Joy W. $1 wage increase — Scott F. (EMT Director) $loo monthly stipend increase.

USD 224 Clifton-Clyde

USD 224 Clifton-Clyde met Feb. 1. Present were Bill Genereux, AJ Goeckel, Deb Ohlde, Karla Ostermann, Shawn Taddiken, and Kirstin Wernecke. Grant Knoettgen present by Zoom. Others present were superintendent Art Baker, principal Eric Sacco, and clerk Denise Cyr.

Administrator Reports: Mr. Baker discussed a fixed asset inventory proposal from Asset Services, gym capacity for home games, ACT test scores for juniors and seniors, and Policy FC Memorials, Funerals, and Naming of District Facilities.

Old Business: Sealed Bids — Tables: The board accepted the table bid for Lot 1 and 2 for $15o from John and Sharon Hartman and the table bid for Lot 4 for $40 from Julie Erickson. Mrs. Erickson was allowed to purchase additional tables from Lots 3 and 5 at a price of $8 each if she chooses too. After Mrs. Erickson looks through Lots 3 and 5, the remaining tables will be offered to any patron at $8 each.

KASB December Board Policy Updates: The board approved the KASB Board Policy Updates as presented. Motion carried 7-0.

Calendar for 2021-2022: The board reviewed the three proposed calendars from the district calendar committee. The calendars will be shared with staff and the board will vote to approve a district calendar in March.

Summer Construction Projects: The board discussed a quote from Budreau Construction to construct an ADA compliant restroom at the high school and construction estimates from Campbell and Johnson Engineers for a roof over the rear exit and basement exit of the high school.

Executive sessions: The board went into executive session to discuss job performance, staff resignations, hiring of staff, and supplemental contracts pursuant to non-elected personnel exception under KOMA and Mr. Baker and Mr. Sacco were invited in.

Principal contract: The board approved extending the contract of Eric Sacco through the 2022-23 school year.

Accept resignations: The board approved the resignation of Kelli Lange as CCMS assistant girls’ basketball coach. The board accepted the retirement of Barb Knox, CCMS secretary, at the end of the 2020-21 school year.

Approve new hires: The board approved the hires of Rocky Fahey as CCMS Assistant Track Coach and Barbara George as a substitute teacher.

FFA rewards trip: The board approved the FFA Rewards Trip to Kansas City on March 20-21 as presented.

Board Member Comments and Requests for the Next Meeting: Genereux asked for a COVID status update in March.

USD 223 Barnes Hanover Linn

USD 223 met Feb. 8. Present were Doug Beikman, Darren Bott, Toby Bruna, Alan Ohlde, Kellan Tegtmeier, Janell Wohler and Jim Zarybnicky; administration John Whetzal, superintendent, Tim Mueller, Transportation, Maintenance and Food Service Director, Cory Jensen, Hanover principal, Antoinette Root, Linn principal; clerk Becky Bruna, staff Julie Jueneman; and students Madison Bruna, Cora Coufal, Cloe Sinn and Michelle Zarybnicky.

Mueller reported on the maintenance, transportation and food service for the district.

Jensen reported on activities at Hanover Public Schools. Antoinette Root reported on activities at Linn Public Schools.

The board reviewed year end budget projections and discussed ongoing and future projects within the district.

Michelle Zarybnicky spoke on behave of Hanover FBLA to thank the board of education for their service and continued support.

Mr. Whetzal gave an update on Early Childhood and reported that the Kansas Preschool Pilot Grant application was submitted.

The board discussed the reopening plan in regards to outside dates to dances. It was the consensus of the board to make changes to allow outside dates to prom.

The board approved Hanover Hosting TVI. Forensics on April 9 and allowing Hanover students to be dismissed from school that day.

The board discussed staffing and schedule options for next year.

The board went into executive sessions for non-elected personnel and negotiations.

The board approve the resignation of Antoinette Root as Linn K-12 principal and retirements from Diane Freidrichs as Linn Language Arts Teacher and Rick Hildebrand as Linn K-12 Art Teacher.

The board approved Deb Oelschlager as Hanover cook and John Whetzal’s superintendent contract for a 1-year extension (2022-2023).

City of Mahaska

Mahaska City Council met Feb. 10. Present were Wiley Kerr, Cal Livingston, Kirk Gallion, Rosie Steele and Doug Lambert.

Communications: Notice from the Moore Agency, Linn.

Old business: Wiley will call the engineering firm to verify water tower application will be submitted.

New business: Discussion was held to ask Tony Jacques to take over shutting off and turning on water meters. Discussion was held on the light on the water tower.

City of Hanover

Hanover City Council met Feb. 8. Present were mayor Jared Sedlacek, council members Tony Bruna, Nick Rohr, Kim Lohse, Kylie Fritschi and Don Spencer. Employees present were Tim Koss and Katlin Bruna. Guest included Coby Sedlacek, Stephen Hendrickson, Brian Schwartz, Scott Jueneman, Matt Bruna, Jason Brinegar, city attorney, Dustin Minge, Blue Valley Insurance, Chris Meyn.

The council discussed having the city treasurer make line items for projects coming up. City clerk is to ask Markus about adding these line items.

Northridge Addition - Lift Stations: Stephen Hendrickson asked the council to consider going back to the way lift stations were being charged for sewer ($31 per month) to give the owners for lift stations and the council to discuss and come to an agreement together on how to proceed with the lift station charges. Coby Sedlacek and Scott Jueneman expressed concerns of the lift station changes being so sudden and warning not given to the owners of these stations and what it can do to a family’s budget. The council told the residents from the Northridge Addition that they understand these questions and concerns but had been advised by their city attorney not to discuss any issue regarding the lift stations without the attorney present and that he would be at the meeting shortly.

Street Department Council discussed the bridges in the city limits. After discussing with a county commissioner, it was brought to attention that the city would be responsible for replacing the decking and the county would be responsible for replacing the culvert. Tabled to gather more information. The council discussed the area around the recycling trailer and the street/ditches south. There has been trash gathering up in the area. The clerk is to call over to see how it can be prevented from happening.

Water Department — The council approved removing the trash cost from resident’s utility bill if they have dumpsters from Jones Trash Service and get a bill from Jones.

Jason Brinegar, City Attorney - Northridge addition residents discussed questions and concerns of the lift station changes that started Jan. 1, 2021. Jason explained the letter sent from Terry Blaser, Northridge addition residents attorney. There was a motion to rescind Ordinance 691 to initiate further discussion. Motion did not pass for further legal advice. A motion was made and seconded to rescind her previous motion. Motion carried. A motion was made and seconded go into executive session with legal counsel for 10 minutes. The council voted to rescind Ordinance 691 to initiate further discussion with Northridge addition residents concerning the lift stations.

Dustin Minge, Blue Valley Insurance - Dustin brought in a 5 year loss run with EMC and told clerk to come into his office to get a log in to review the workplace accident report and loss control items. Clerk is to schedule Dustin to come to the April meeting for insurance renewal.

Chris Meyn, City Website - The council discussed the website and changes and additions they would like to see. Clerk and Chris are going to start getting the additions put to the website as soon as possible.

Water Department Clerk is to contact KDHE and Washington KDOT to discuss putting a culvert in on the north end of the parking area at the community building. Water Truck Bid - The council opened one sealed bid from Andy Danella for $5oo. 1. The council voted to sell the truck contingent on pricing from salvage yard.

Water Project - Pre-Bid meeting is Feb. 17 at 1 p.m. at the City Office. Bid opening is March 1 at 2 p.m. at the City Office. Bid approval is March 8 at the City Council meeting. Potential start date is May 2021 pending on contracts with contractor being done and supplies being ordered.

Buildings and properties Community Building - Discussion on trees and Carney Town. Tabled. Discussion on quotes to grade land for extending carnival grounds and carney town. Tabled. Repairs and updates—discussion on what needs to be done now and what can wait. Tabled. Code enforcer - Council would like to have the code enforcer be more detailed on the issue with the properties and have pictures with the letters.

Pool - Discussion on internet at the pool. The council voted to add internet at the pool for the cost of $39.95/month. Sandblasting update: As Torrey Bros. started to sandblast the kiddie pools, he saw a problem with the deck and the pool separating. In order to fix this problem there would be some additional costs to the original bill. The council voted to approve the additional cost of $5,900 to fix the kiddie pool.

City office: RansonCity Ordinances — It was approved to have RansonCity review, update, and code the ordinances. The council voted to approve the city clerk’s hours to be a minimum of 3o hours, but no more than 4o hours a week.

The council discussed the BCBSKS for employees. The decision was made to renew BCBSKS plan. The council discussed hiring new municipal judge. Clerk is to ask city attorney for further information.

Haddam City Council

The Haddam City Council met Jan. 4. Present were mayor Steve Zenger, council members Joe Greenwood and Michael Welch. Dusty Zenger was present by phone. Also present was clerk Cheryl Zenger.

Past due water bills were discussed. It was reported how the Spark funds were spent. Steve was to look into new dog ordinances and hall rent for funerals.