Board minutes from around the county


The Washington County Hospital Board of Directors met Dec. 4 via Zoom. Members present were Justin Dragastin, Cindi Ohlde, Ron Nutz, Dr. Larry Stoppel and Becca Holsch. Also present were Roxanne Schottel, CEO, and Jana Rollman.

Administrator’s report: Schottel reported that a demonstration had been done with a Tru-D Smart UVC machine. Tru-D Smart UVC delivers an automated, measured dose of UVC to consistently disinfect a room from a single position. The board voted to purchase a Tru-D Smart UVC machine with 3-year service agreement extension not to exceed $116,750.

All WCH/FMWC employees continue to self-screen and wear masks. All patients are required to be screened and wear masks. Urgent care remains on hold.

Amy Steenson recently started as a medical assistant at FMWC.

Schottel gave a brief report on Covid-19 vaccine information.

The employee Christmas lunch will be Dec. 16.

The Washington County Hospital Board of Directors met Dec. 16. Members present were Justin Dragastin, Cindi Ohlde, Ron Nutz, Dr. Larry Stoppel and Becca Holsch. Also present were Roxanne Schottel, CEO, and Jana Rollman.

The board went into executive session at 6:45 p.m. and returned to regular session at 7:25 p.m. for contract negotiations.

Administrator’s report: Maggie Bott, second year Washburn radiology student, is working prn in radiology.

All WCH/FMWC employees continue to selfscreen and wear masks. All patients are required to be screened and wear masks. Urgent care remains on hold. WCH was informed that afternoon that they will be receiving 15 doses of Pfizer Covid vaccine tomorrow.

WCH has received a total of eight fraudulent unemployment claims. All have been reported.

Schottel read several thank you notes from employees for the Christmas bonus.

From Feb. 1, 2021, to March 31, 2021, WCH and FMWC will be offering a 30 percent discount on outstanding balances over 180 days old if paid in full in one payment. Notices will be sent in January statements.

The Board of County Commissioners appointed Cindi Ohlde to another term on the WCH board.

A new web page is being created at

Recent donations: $1,000 monetary donation; Kelsie Beikmann organized lunch for all WCH/FMWC staff with Bob’s Locker donating pulled pork. BVTC donated cookies, and Keesecker AgriBusiness donated bacon to all staff.

Schottel reported that she recently received the professional designation of Certified Rural Health Clinic Professional (CRHCP) from the National Association of Rural Health Clinics (NARHC).

Schottel informed the board that the current dishwasher is not working properly. Information was given on two different dishwashers. The board voted to purchase the ADS L-3DW Low-Temp Door machine not to exceed $4,392.

Three bedside monitors and additional vital sign machines were approved.

Information was given on a couple different kiosk terminals. The board voted to purchase up to three kiosk terminals with face recognition not to exceed $1,899 each plus delivery.

The State Emergency Center is strategically placing ventilators across the state. They are the property of the Kansas Division of Emergency Management. WCH received two ventilators.

The employee Christmas lunch was Dec. 15. Work anniversaries were celebrated with monetary gifts: 5 years – Brooke McGatlin, Kelsey Claeys, Tammy Herrs, Faith Holle, April Prell, Leopoldina Santillanes and Dr. Sherlock. 10 years – Sandi Freese. 20 years – Dana Kern. Secret Pals were revealed with a gift exchange. Thanks were given to all staff and to the kitchen staff for the Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. An Ugly Sweater contest was held with the winners being 1) Leopoldina Santillanes 2) Dennis Day 3) Heather Laflen.

Schottel reported that the annual fire inspection was recently held. Due to 2012 Life Safety Codes, an annual elevator inspection must take place, which has been scheduled at a cost of $3,600 annually for five years. Quarterly checks will also be included with that.

Jordanna Bekiman, RN, has recently taken the position of Risk Manager.

Physical Therapy services were reviewed.

Discussion was held regarding advertising/marketing. Schottel will check into billboard advertising.

Mahaska City Council

The Mahaska City Council met Dec. 9. Present were Marcus Daniels, Wiley Kerr, Cal Livingston and Kirk Gallion.

Old business: Continued discussion on condemning abandoned and neglected properties.

New business: Heater at the well house for the water tower was replaced. Minor plumbing issues need repaired at Mahaska Community Center. The council approved the cleaning schedule at the Mahaska Community Center from monthly to every other month.

Linn City Council

The Linn City Council met Dec. 7. Present were mayor Les Spence, council members Dylan Dittmer, Mike Savage, Steve Joonas, Kyle Peters, and Tyler Herrs; Ned Peters, water supervisor, Lisa Voelker, ambulance director, Alison Meyer, and Claire Wohler.

Ned gave his monthly report. He talked to Schwab’s about replacing the motor panels at the wells. Schwab’s think they might be able to fix the motor panels at the wells instead of replacing them. He also received the estimate from Schwab’s for the standby generators for the pump houses. Ned will contact Kansas Gas to see about getting gas to the well houses for the generators if needed.

Lisa gave her monthly report. They made 18 runs for the month of November. They also hit 2 deer. Everything is working fine. She had Kurtis look at it. It is still in service. Michelle Richardson will be joining the EMS Service Dec. 1. They have already had 3 runs this month.

Claire gave his monthly report. The Booster Club would like the water turned on in the park for their Christmas event. The council had no objections. Claire will turn the water on and take care of it afterwards as well. He would also like to burn the dump pile at some point this winter.

Old business: Generators will be tabled until next meeting.

Josh Mueller called and will look at the floor in the ambulance building and get it replaced.

New business: CIPP Lining for 2021 was discussed. Les will get a bid on 3 streets.

Approval of housing authority appointment for LaShelle Beikmann. The board approved LaShelle for another 4 years on the housing authority board.

2021 cereal malt beverage licenses: The board approved Jack’s Food Market, Just Left LLC, Mo’s Stop N’ Shop, Wholmoor American Legion, and the Linn Booster Club for their 2021 cereal malt beverage licenses.

Christmas gifts: The council voted to give Ned, Lisa, and Jayne $150 each and each ambulance employee $50 for a Christmas gift. Kalynn, ambulance employee, will receive $25 as she has only worked half a year.

Cell phone for ambulance: Jayne will switch the ambulance cell phone to a plan for the city and get a new phone for the ambulance as the old one is no longer working.

Dog complaints: There has been a few complaints about dogs running loose. Les has talked to a few people about their dogs.

Morrowville City Council

The Morrowville City Council met Nov. 9. Present were mayor Steve Talkington and council members Slater, Steve Wright, and Chris Roskilly.

The delinquent water bills and procedures were to be followed as they normally are done with the exception that past due account holders will be notified of shut off if payments are not received.

Mulch has been put down at the park around the play equipment. The water has been shut off and the water leak has not been repaired.

No meters have been replaced and street repair has stopped due to colder weather.

Russ talked to B & W Electric. An estimate was given for the new lift station. The council voted to accept B & W Electric’s bid as long as it is approximately $35,000.

Trees will be cut in the ditch along Miller Street.

Street signs along Locust Street need to be redone. They are not correct. Steve W. will check on what needs to be replaced and will work on them.

The lagoons need major work. Russ will call Charles Schwindanmann with Rural Waters Association and see when he can come and look at them and help the City figure out what can be done. Russ will ask if brick chips can be used instead of limestone. City is looking at over $100,000 to rebuild them and grant money will be needed.

The council voted to set the price to use the community room at $25 for personal and $50 for businesses with an additional deposit of $50 for cleanup which will be refunded if left clean.

The Council agreed that a tree can be planted in the park as a memorial for a resident of the town.

USD 223

USD 223 met Dec. 14. Present was Doug Beikman, Darren Bott, Toby Bruna, Alan Ohlde, Kellan Tegtmeier, Janell Wohler, Jim Zarybnicky, administration John Whetzal, superintendent, Tim Mueller, Transportation, Maintenance and Food Service Director, Austin Lawrence, Information Technology Director, Cory Jensen, Hanover Principal, Antoinette Root, Linn Principal, clerk Becky Bruna and Nick Olson and Jeremy Capo.

Nick Olson, CFO and Jeremy Capo, Assistant Vice President of Mammoth Sports Construction, presented a master plan for Hanover Schools. Tim Mueller reported on the maintenance, transportation and food service for the district. He asked the board to consider listing 3 busses and 1 pickup as surplus.

Cory Jensen reported on activities at Hanover Public Schools. Antoinette Root reported on activities at Linn Public Schools. Austin Lawrence reported on technology projects including chromebooks, cameras, active boards and keyless entry.

Derek Bruna, Bruna Auditing Services LLC, presented the 2019-2020 Financial Audit. Whetzal updated the board on the community meetings for the potential 3 and 4 year old preschool programs. The board discussed the activity funds at Hanover Schools and 6th grade participation in junior high basketball.

Next month the board will review updates to the district crisis plan and complete the superintendent evaluation. The board reviewed a consent for parents to sign for their students to receive emergency medical treatment. The board discussed activity accounts that will be effected by limited fans at activities. The board reviewed the lunch contracts with both St. John Catholic School and Linn Lutheran School in regards to the seamless summer reimbursement rates. The board agreed to schedule a strategic planning meeting with KASB after the first of the year. The board discussed facilities and ongoing projects at both Hanover and Linn buildings.

The board approved Mammoth Sports Construction LLC to develop a master plan for Hanover Schools and to sign the standard form of agreement for the work.

The board had an executive session for non-elected personnel and approved the resignation from Heather Hiesterman as Linn Para-Professional and approved new hires Jordyn Schaefer as Linn Paraprofessional, Colby Cormack as Hanover Junior Class Co-Sponsor and Daria Heuer as Linn Social Studies Teacher for the 2021-2022 school year.

Hanover City Council

The Hanover City Council met Nov. 9. Present were mayor Jared Sedlacek, council members Tony Bruna, Kim Lohse, Nick Rohr and Don Spencer. Council member Kylie Fritschi was absent. Employees present were Tim Koss, Scott Wieden, and Katlin Bruna. Guests included Robert Rut, Fire Chief.

Rut reported that they had two calls last month; pancake feed will be Dec. 6 unless there is a, event in the community building, which will then make the date Dec. 13. The council approved the $500 donation to the fire department for their Christmas dinner.

Street department: The council discussed proposed sidewalk ordinance. Tabled to make changes. The council discussed truck traffic through town and what it is doing to the streets. Tabled. The council approved the purchase of road salt.

Water department: The council discussed lift stations within the city limits. Tabled. The council discussed proposed ordinances. Tabled to make changes. The council discussed the water project and next steps. Special meeting to be set up with CES. The council voted to approve the mandatory water connection ordinance.

City office: The council discussed ordinance organization. Tabled for more information. Buildings and properties: The council discussed the agreement between the Chamber and the City. Tabled.

Parks and Rec: The council discussed the parks and rec bylaws. Tabled.

The council met Dec. 14. Present were mayor Jared Sedlacek and council members Tony Bruna, Nick Rohr, Don Spencer and Kylie Fritschi. Council member Kim Lohse was absent. Employees present were Tim Koss, Scott Wieden, and Katlin Bruna. Guest included Jason Brinegar, City Attorney.

The council reviewed proposed ordinances. The council approved ordinance 690 regarding sidewalks, ordinance 691 regarding wastewater, ordinance 692 regarding general utilities, ordinance 693 regarding burning in town, ordinance 694 regarding meeting dates and times. The council voted to raise the following council payments: Regular Meetings- mayor - $50; and Council Members $45. Special meetings – mayor - $40, and council members $35.

All ordinances approved will be signed at the next meeting and published in the Washington County paper.

The council discussed temporary funding for the water project. Jason will have more information on this at the next meeting.

Street Department: The council approved the purchase of a Milwaukee Tool Set for $867 to come out of the street account, pothole fill for $1,100 to come out of the special highway account, and a 16” hot saw for $1,789 to come out of the street account.

Water department: The council discussed the next steps on the water project. The city is waiting for KDHE approval on the final drawings. The council approved Torrey Bros Construction Inc. to sandblast the pool for $57,000.

The council voted to give Tim and Scott $500 and Katlin and Melissa $250 for a Christmas bonus.

The council approved beer license applications for Ricky’s Café, Wildcat Express, Little Blue Bar and Grill, Crome’s Market, After Hours Liquor, and Snappers.

The council discussed the website and the updates it needed. Tabled.

The council discussed the proposed Sports Bylaws. Tabled. The council discussed having Torrey Bros Construction Inc. sandblast and fix the tennis courts. Tabled until discussed with them.

The council discussed the proposed agreement between the city and the chamber. Tabled for chamber approval.

The council discussed property inspections; would like them to be reevaluated in the spring.

The council approved putting 3-Phase at the community building and $9,000 would come from the budget amount the city gives the chamber each year that will now be in a joint account. The council went into executive session. The council voted to have all employees fill out a self-evaluation.

Barnes City Council

The Barnes City Council met Nov. 11. Present were councilmembers John Diederich, Brandon McCubbin, Nik Sedivy, Brian Turk and Seth Wurtz. Mayor Stettnisch was absent. Also present was City Treasurer Gloria Moore and City Clerk Laura Oentrich.

John Diederich was sworn in to the council member Position of Kyle Huse, to which he was appointed.

Council discussed the condition of the house at 26 North East Street.

Building Inspection has shown there to be broken windows and doors, floors with holes, unsafe electrical wiring and gas lines, falling ceilings, a leaking roof and animal feces throughout the home. The council voted to have the building inspector’s letter and pictures sent to the city attorney Elizabeth Baskerville Hiltgen.

Council discussed the amount for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes to be awarded for the City Light Display. Last year those amounts were $75, $50 and $25. The council voted to leave the prizes at these amounts.

The City Council of Barnes met Dec. 7. Present were mayor Ken Stettnisch, councilmembers John Diederich, Nik Sedivy, Brian Turk and Seth Wurtz. Also present was city treasurer Gloria Moore and city clerk Laura Oentrich.

Council discussed plans for the City of Barnes Christmas Festival.

Council will fill bags of candy and fruit on Dec. 11.

Council discussed the growing number of untagged, disabled and abandoned vehicles parked in Barnes. The process to have these removed from the city limits will begin.

It was reported to the council that Eugene Huse would begin trimming the pine trees at the Lions Club Park by the city sign for a wage per hour.

The council voted to adopt Resolution #2020-01, a resolution to have a hearing Feb. 1 to determine if the structure at 26 North East Street is unsafe, dangerous, or unfit for human habitation.

The council voted to reimburse McCubbin for the cost of his Santa costume.

The City Council of Barnes met in special session Dec. 28. This was a year-end finance meeting.

Present were Ken Stettnisch, councilmembers John Diederich, Nik Sedivy and Brian Turk. Also present was city treasurer Gloria Moore, city clerk Laura Oentrich and water maintenance Delvin Oentrich.

D. Oentrich discussed with the council the replacement of the water pump in Well #3. Sargent Drilling has pulled the pump and provided a video of the inside of the well. This visual showed holes and worn spots in the casing. Around 127 feet to 130 feet there are holes where water is running in. Some discussion was made about when and if a new well should be drilled.

Council discussed a raise in water rates to support improvements that may be necessary to provide the best water delivery system. The council voted to raise the monthly rate for 3,000 gallons of water usage to $27, and for each 1,000 gallons usage over the first 3,000 to be 4 per 1,000 gallons. The last water rate increase was Jan. 1, 2010. At that time, the rate was $24 (or 0.008 per gallon) for the first 3,000 gallons and $3 ( or 0.003 per gallon) for each addition 1,000 gallons.

Council discussed end-of year finances. The General Fund beginning balance for the 2021 Budget is $8,032. The council voted to transfer from the General Fund to the Street Reserve and Capital Improvement the excess over the starting balance.