Letter to the editor


House Rep/Minister twists prayer away from the Bible


Have you ever heard someone make such an outrageous statement that you ask, “How can you say that?”

Such is the question I ask of House Representative Emanuel Cleaver concerning the prayer he offered to mark the swearing in of the 117th Congress. People have heard of the ending of his prayer as he said “amen and awomen.” That is only the tip of this evil prayer offered by Cleaver who should know better as an ordained minister in the Methodist Church. If the above and what follows below is the quality of leadership in our government, how sad.

In the prayer Cleaver said, “May the Lord lift up the light of his countenance upon us and give us peace – peace in our families, peace across this land, and dare I ask, O Lord, peace even in this chamber.” Not bad at all. The peace that we have from Jesus in the forgiveness of our sins and the promise of eternal life is the peace we should put into practice as we strive to work and live together as the people of God.

So, how in the world does Rep. Cleaver next pray “we ask it in the name of the Monotheistic God Brahma?” WHAT?

How do you move from a prayer in the name of the Lord to a prayer in the name of Brahma, one of the many gods of Hinduism? This is nothing else than the damnable sin of idolatry as Rep. Cleaver raised an idol and a god that does not even exist to an equal status with the Triune God! Next, Rep. Cleaver compounds his evil by including “and ‘god’ known by many names by different faiths.” IDOLATRY! Does he not even know the First Commandment?

Then, to end it all is his asinine closing “amen and awomen.” Is Rep. Cleaver so spiritually ignorant that he does not know that “amen” is NOT gender specific, it is not gender related at all? Any eighth grade Confirmation student knows better than that. The word “amen” is a statement of faith that what you have just asked in your prayer is pleasing to Almighty God and is heard by Him. None of that happened with this prayer.

At best, Rep. Cleaver has succumbed to political correctness. At worst, he is an idolater leading our nation further down the road to disaster. It is time for us to stand against such evil and to “Stand Up Stand Up for Jesus.”