COVID and the immune system


Wiley N. Alexander, DC Washington

A friend in town had a great observation. “Why aren’t the experts talking about immunity?” The fact is, there’s not enough money in it. Not the kind of money pharma is looking for, and that is why germ mania can be so appealing. In truth, the experts we are being told to listen to don’t know much ... about immunity. Keeping immunity strong requires thought and attention, and possibly denying yourself some of life’s simple pleasures once in a while. For strong immunity, there could be foods and drinks to eliminate, and there could be some to add. Strong immunity requires a certain amount of rest, resolving nutritional imbalances or deficiencies, correcting spinal alignment issues, and bolstering the body to combat stress. Hear any of that from the experts?

COVID might draw your attention this year, but what about next year, or the year after that? What will those viruses be like? What will the experts tell us then? So the only part of the title that matters is the second half, your immune system. For over 30 years now, I have been teaching my patients about their immune system. By learning what it takes to get well and stay well, health can be achieved. How do I know it’s working? When health improves, people take less or no medication, they have more energy and they are not plagued by recurring illnesses and infections, even if they are around people who are sick.

Which brings me to a recent addition to our health care aresenal, and that is food sensitivity testing, Even the most wholesome foods can be a problem for some people which can be frustrating for those working hard to stay helathy. At about a year and a half, my grandchild Julianna would spike fevers of 104 to 105 degrees and go into seizures. Nothing medical was found, and nutritional support for immunity I was providing wasn’t solving it, so she located a Naturopath and they recommended a food sensitivity test. She tested sensitive to wholesome foods such as turkey, eggs, all nuts, green beans, peas and squash. Since the removal of those foods, she has had no fever spikes or seizures. Now that’s a breakthrough. I’m looking forward to new breakthroughs with some of my more challendged patients via food sensitivity testing.

When there is strong immunity, germs in any given year are not moot, and that is something the experts won’t tell you.