Devastating wind, hail tears through county

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Devastating wind, hail tears through county

The Rural Water District building in Linn lost its roof in the storm that hit the county on July 10. Straight-line winds estimated at as high as 90-plus miles an hour swept through the county before 6 a.m. causing substantial wind damage to buildings, trees, crops, pivots and grain bins, among other things. By Randy Hubbard

About 150 power poles were damaged in the storm, and some were without power for up to 36 hours. By Randy Hubbard

Ralph and Angie Rogge’s shop, located about six miles west and couple miles north of Linn, was destroyed in the storm. By Randy Hubbard

Several hog confinement units were destroyed in the storm, including this J-SIx barn, left, just off K-148 near Arrowhead Road. The buildings had pigs in them at the time of the storm, but the pigs were loaded out later that day. The tin from the building, above, was pushed from the road into a pile.

By Cynthia Scheer

The roof was peeled back on the Blue Valley Telemarketing building in Linn during the storm. By Randy Hubbard

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