Donkey ball event has near sell-out crowd

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Donkey ball event has near sell-out crowd

The Washington County Booster Club hosted donkey basketball Friday night in the high school gym. An estimated 700 to 800 people attended; the 500 pre-sale tickets sold out. The event featured teachers, students, alumni and local business owners who attempted to play basketball while riding uncooperative donkeys. Student Lauren Simmons, above right, and PE teacher Doug Thompson, above left, attempted to drag their stubborn donkeys after a loose ball. Players had to ride -- or hold the leads of -- their donkeys during the game.

This was one of many of USD 108 physical education teacher Doug Thompson’s many failed attempts at getting onto his donkey. He would get up on one side and slide off the other.

Garrett Stewart, above, fell from his bucking miniature donkey during the second round of games. Several people were unseated from their donkeys during the games.

After many attempts to get onto his uncooperative donkey Dustin Rogge threw a leg over the animal so that he could become an eligible passer. Players were required to be on their donkeys to travel down the court, pass or shoot the ball.

Teacher Bobbi Smith had an open shot because defenders were stuck at the other end of the court on stubborn donkeys.

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