Home cookin’

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Home cookin’

The cooks at Washington’s Friendly Corners, which include Diane Hornbostel, Anita Martin and Helen Linenberger, arrive to work by 6:15 a.m. and often have the noon meal entree coming out of the ovens by 8 or 9 a.m. Most meals served at the meal sites are homemade and include dessert. The women make 50-to-70 meals a day, and nearly 18,500 meals were made between the Washington and Clifton meal sites last year.

Anita Martin trasnfeered baked salmon patties from the oven to a roaster to make room for batches of cookies in the oven.

Friendly Corners cooks meals for all of the county except Clifton. Some people pick up their to-go meals at the meal sites, and other to-go meals are delivered to the doors of people across the county who request meals.

Cooks have to have the noon meal ready by about 10 a.m. so that meals can be delivered to Hanover in time for lunch.

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