CVA wants to purchase airport so they can build grain storage facility nearby

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FAA regulations restrict tall structure within fl ight path of public airport


Central Valley Ag offi cials are hoping to build a large grain storage facility near the intersection of highways 15 and K-148. The facility would stand more than 170 feet tall, according to Dan McBride, who talked with county commissioners on Monday, and would be located just over a mile from the airport and in its fl ight path. FAA regulations state it can stand no taller than about 80 feet if it is built in its desired location, McBride said, before asking commissioners if CVA could purchase the county-owned airport.

McBride told commissioners that the FAA would still approve the building of the tall facility despite warning CVA that it violates height limits in a fl ight path.

After the commissioners meeting, Mueller told the Washington County News that he was unsure why CVA wanted to purchase the airport. He added that the commissioners still had a lot of questions for CVA offi cials.


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