GWE Performance puts performance into auto repair

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Gary Edgar, left, owner of GWE Performance, Washington, with employees Alex Alldredge, center, and Jeff Welch. The business performs automotive repairs and performance upgrades.

By Tom Parker.

Talking to Gary Edgar about cars and car problems is a lot like listening to Click and Clack, the Car Talk guys, on NPR. You hear a lot of weird things cars are capable of doing to their owners when they least expect it, quirky things you’ve never heard of and can’t imagine, followed by Tom and Ray Magliozzi’s often-rancorous and always-witty diagnosis. Getting to that determination is most of the fun, a process involving equal parts trial, error, elimination and cunning punctuated by vigorous discussion, criticism and incredulity. The offending culprits—solenoids and injectors and widgets and whizbangs—could be mechanical components or make-up words, it’s hard to tell for the novice. What’s important to understand is that cars, even that sweet, dependable car parked in your driveway, can be treacherous, baffling and enigmatic, and that, fortunately for the rest of us, there are mechanics who can decipher the most arcane and heinous malfunction.
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